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InsurTech Hartford is creating a robust InsurTech ecosystem by bringing people together.

About InsurTech Hartford

InsurTech Hartford is a grassroots organization that . It is founded and run by local insurance professionals. We bringing members of Hartford’s InsurTech ecosystem together, provide educational opportunities, and promote growth in the region. We are a megaphone to the insurance industry through our deep and wide network connections, our membership with Global InsurTech Alliance, and our strong social media following. 

We also make introductions for startups, investors, and service providers to help with business development in the region. Lastly, we like to collaborate with other organizations with shared interests and goals.

InsurTech Hartford and Launc[H] collaborate to host The InsurTech Hartford Symposium, a large event which brings insurance professionals, both from local and afar, together in Hartford to learn, network, and engage with the community; and the InsurTech Hartford Innovation Challenge, which is designed to provide a launchpad for early stage entrepreneurs with great ideas. 

We also coordinate events with Nassau Re/Imagine and were vital to the launch of their incubator program, and provide support for Girls for Technology by providing them opportunities to pitch at our pitch events, promoting their updates to our social networks, and also making connections that help them raise funding.

Bringing Together All of Hartford’s Great Resources

Hartford has unbridled potential. There are significant resources across the region through various industries. Our talent is our most amazing resource—Hartford’s Universities receive top-notch top ratings. As a community, diversity is strong and our history is rich. Hartford has all the ingredients of past and present to make an outstanding future. InsurTech Hartford is helping by mashing together all of the region’s diverse resources, planting seeds for growth, creating sparks of new life, and providing the human-centered nurturing needed to help the community embrace change as we move toward the future.

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