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Hartford and insurance have gone hand-in-hand since the 19th century. But, now more than ever, Hartford’s insurance industry is looking forward—seeking input and inspiration from emerging technology companies to help reinvent products and customer experiences. As partners in Launc[H], corporations like Aetna, Cigna, Nassau RE, The Hartford, and Travelers are investing in programs that bring new InsurTech innovations to life. Want to know more? Explore the Hartford InsurTech Hub, Nassau Re/Imagine, and InsurTech Hartford, or connect with us for other ways to get involved.


Digital technologies are making it possible to improve health and healthcare around the globe. In Hartford—a leading city of both cutting-edge healthcare and health insurance—the opportunity to change the game is even greater. Launc[H] partners came together to create Digital Health CT as the first step in the process of making Hartford the best place to start and grow a digital health company in the country. Get in touch with the team at Launc[H] to find out how your digital health startup dreams can go from idea to reality.


From bicycles and typewriters to furniture, hand tools, and jet engines, Hartford has always been a center of invention for game-changing products. Launc[H] is dedicated to the advancement of this inventive spirit and strives to connect our diverse talent pool with the next generation of manufacturing jobs. The city’s new Stanley + Techstars accelerator and Manufactory 4.0 Technology Center, along with MakerspaceCT and student-oriented initiatives such as Manufacturing in Motion, are just some of the resources available to innovators looking to accelerate our country’s fourth industrial revolution.

TextureAdvanced Manufacturing

Exceptional food, music, art, and recreation opportunities are just some of the things that make Hartford a great place to live. Launc[H] seeks to support innovators in these fields by connecting them to resources that will support their growth and patrons who appreciate their contributions to our community.

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Techstars, along with Launc[H]artford, will be hosting five days worth of free events & webinars in October to celebrate the community & opportunities for entrepreneurs. Sign up for email alerts to make sure you don't miss registration!


Introducing TOGET[H]ER

In this time of uncertainty, it would be understandable if we started to act differently. Yet in this moment, when so much of what we have taken, for granted has changed, our community remains resilient.

We are positive and passionate; hopeful and determined. We understand the new limitations in front of us, but have committed to overcoming them. Our resolve keeps us focused on where we can make a difference, and our empathy moves us to find ways we can to help the ones who are affected most.

So for a place like Hartford, where connections and a sense of community run deep, this is the perfect time to prove what’s possible when we come TOGET[H]ER.

InsureTech Connect
InsureTech Connect


TOGET[H]ER celebrates the manufacturing company that shifted production to N95 masks, the insurance company that opens up space for an emerging startup, and distributes meals to the community out of its cafeteria, and the mental health app that offers free downloads to healthcare workers.

We want to celebrate the ways our community is remaining active and adapting to this new reality. We want to showcase the way our spirit of innovation is helping propel us forward, despite the obstacles that have presented themselves.

Our city is known for insurance, healthcare and advanced manufacturing. In a time that is testing us all, there’s no better opportunity to show the world what it means to have each other’s backs.

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We’re a community of innovators.


As a community, we’ve come together to use the power of innovation to help our city—and our residents—make the next big leap forward. And in Hartford, there’s a way for everyone to get involved.

Building new spaces

We’re building new spaces for innovators to connect in ways that bring new possibilities to life. We’re launching programs that link industry experts with technology pioneers to help shape the future of our connected world. And, we’re connecting the next wave of talent to a whole new set of career opportunities right here in our own backyard.

So, wherever you are today, we value the vision you have for your future, and we look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality in Hartford.

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