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Launc[H] Announces Its New Lift-Off List

Introducing the Launc[H] Lift-Off List

Our way of celebrating the entrepreneurs in our community who are reaching critical growth milestones with their businesses in Hartford. We’re leading off 2023 with 5 great success stories, and look forward to sharing more in 2023 and beyond!

1. Aureus Analytics - Anurag Shah, CEO Co-Founder

Aureus Analytics started in India, but came to the US in 2018 as part of the inaugural cohort of the Hartford InsurTech Hub. After finding their niche, serving the needs of independent agents and brokers, their business has taken off. They’ve gone from 0 to 130 partners. This puts them on track to reach 1,000 agency partnerships by the end of 2023.   


2. Benekiva - Bobbie Shrivastav, COO                                    

An insurtech company founded in 2018 and focused on helping carriers improve their claims process.. Benekiva came to Hartford through the Nassau Re/Imagine program and has remained active because of the strong ecosystem of carriers and insurtech companies here. One of their key goals is to become  the number one claims platform in the market, and they are well on their way!


3. Covr - Mike Kalen, CEO

A digital life insurance company, Covr is dedicated to transforming the insurance purchase process from something that was previously slow and paper-based to an experience that is fast and digital. This year, they’ve celebrated incredible growth: new commercial partnerships, the acquisition of new growth capital, and hiring more members of their team in Hartford! 


4. Diameter Health - Eric Rosow, CEO

Diameter Health focuses on enhancing the quality of data available within the healthcare system. The results? Patient information that’s easier for providers to access and use to make better treatment decisions. Population data that can be used to develop new healthcare interventions. Patients who have a better understanding of their health. In 2022, Diameter was acquired  by Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network.


5. Spokk - Alexandra Gladyshevskaya, CEO

Started in Ukraine, Spokk is simplifying pet insurance for pet owners through their AI technology. When they looked for the right place to break into the US market, several members of Hartford’s InsurTech community lent a hand, helping them to build a powerful network. What will they tackle next? Stay tuned for updates on new insurance products for crypto accounts, game accounts and technologies that help protect crypto currency against cyber breach!

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of these amazing entrepreneurs. Interested in connecting with them? Send us an email: [email protected]