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Opportunity On-Ramp: Building Skills in FinTech

Hartford has been a leading center of talent for the insurance and financial services industries for well-over 100 years. But, recently, Connecticut’s capital city has also experienced enormous growth as an emerging hub of both InsurTech and FinTech. In partnership with our State, and some of our anchor employers, such as: Travelers; The Hartford; Nassau Financial; Cigna and Aetna; opportunities for startups in these fields abound. And after raising capital, one of the most important inputs for startup success is finding the right talent. 

As a result, the UConn School of Business created two new programs designed to help emerging leaders in insurance and finance to build skills critical to the adoption of new technologies. Both the Masters degree in FinTech (MS FinTech) and a Graduate Certificate in Fintech programs offer students the opportunity to learn from esteemed research faculty, and current industry professionals. Foundational elements of the program include Data Science, Predictive Modeling, Business Analytics, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies, while the program also allows students to specialize in certain disciplines through electives and internships.


MS FinTech Academic Director, John Wilson, says “In the MS FinTech program, students learn the skills critical to pursuing a career in FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, and related fields. There are a core set of skills that must be mastered, both on the business side as well as the technical side, and our curriculum is well-suited to provide unparalleled training, and practice opportunities in both.”

Director, Global & Experiential Education for UConn’s School of Business STEM Programs, Laurissa Berk adds, “Our MS FinTech students are intent on gaining necessary industry skills and enhancing their careers. Quantitative knowledge bases are paired with practical application throughout our curriculum. A Board of Advisors, from a variety of sectors, ensures our curriculum is practical, current, and speaks directly to market needs. Students are immersed in industry via Capstone projects, company visits and panels, sponsored conference attendance and more.  As the FinTech sector expands, so to do the opportunities for our graduates to engage and work in this exciting field.

In addition to the programs dedicated to FinTech, UConn’s Masters of Business Analytics and Program Management (MS-BAPM) is also highly networked into Hartford’s innovation community. With concentrations in Business Data Science, Actuarial Science, and Marketing Analytics, UConn’s MS-BAPM students become proficient in key skills within Connecticut’s insurance and financial services industries.

Students featured in this video represent a blend of both programs, and the very best of the emerging talent being trained at the UConn School of Business. Meghan Hanrahan, who oversees all Masters of Science programs at UConn’s School of Business, says, "At the intersection of the University of Connecticut’s robust suite of specialized graduate business programs lies the power of connectivity. We strive to mirror the School of Business's vision to weave an educational network that nurtures Connecticut's emerging talent – especially in the areas of most tangible growth in our state. With a keen focus on the financial and insurance domains, we are proud to be a catalyst forging the links that fortify our state's future economic landscape."

Kaitlyn Speaker, Associate Director of National Recruitment for FinTech programs says, “As our Graduate Programs in FinTech are offered both online and in-person, students are engaging with this curriculum from all over the world. A student who is entrepreneurial in mindset, possesses the necessary business acumen, and can understand the technologies available will be an invaluable asset to the world of FinTech -- and that is what this program is designed to achieve. UConn's graduating FinTech students will help address challenges, reduce friction and increase productivity and transparency in the marketplace.” 

Ana Clara Blesso, Director of Career and Professional Development, says, “In the story of change, adaptability, and growth in the world of work, FinTech isn't some distant concept. It's the guide we've been waiting for in this shifting work landscape. As we step into the unknown future of work, let's remember what FinTech teaches us: blending technology, humanity, and community isn't just a mix of ingredients; it's the recipe for success we've been craving. With that, employers can look to students focused in FinTech to bring about the three skills most in demand, according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council: technology, knowledge of human behavior, and media communication. Intentional training in each of these areas ensures our students will provide the necessary skills to help guide growth for any employer, but especially those in finance, healthcare, and insurance.”

We are so thrilled to see our local students identify insurance and financial technologies as a preferred career-path. Opportunities to lead in this field abound in Hartford amongst both established corporations, and some of our area’s fastest-growing startups. With talent like this, our community’s future looks bright!