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Insurtechs and COVID-19

This an abridged version of the original article, entitled “Hartford Launches $1 Million Small Business Grant Program, Plans Additional $300,000 Grant Program, and Awards $120,000 to Small Businesses,” which first appeared on the Hartford Insurtech Hub website.

We are so excited about the momentum our teams gained as they are entering the sixth week of our 2020 Hartford InsurTech Hub accelerator. Conversations with partners have been progressing, our two mentor meetings had the highest ever attendance, camaraderie is continuing to build amongst the companies, we’ve all been exploring all that CT has to offer along with having fun in our office ping pong tournament.

Given this spirit and progress, we felt even more sadness as we made the decision to transition to a fully remote program and have the companies all return safely to their homes early last week. In this unprecedented time, we need to focus on what is important, ensuring the startups return home safe and healthy to take care of their loved ones. I am happy to report that all startups from outside the USA have made it back home safely. Our domestic startups are all safe as well, with a few still in the process of heading back home and a few who decided Hartford is a safer place to be.

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