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Saya Life. Delivering the knowledge of water to prevent catastrophic loss.

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Meet the Founder

Sanjay Poojary

Sanjay Poojary

Sanjay Poojary always wanted to use the power of IOT and AI to create solutions that make a real difference. In 2016, after 20+ years as a technology executive in several Fortune 500 companies, Sanjay decided to dive into the startup world full time and fulfill his dream.

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About Saya Life

Preventing Catastrophic Loss by Measuring Water Performance With Our AI Platform

Saya Life delivers the knowledge of water with its sub-metering AI platform that can measure water performance and prevent catastrophic loss in commercial and residential buildings. The Saya sensor platform “Valet” is installed in residential multi-dwelling and commercial buildings and the Saya “Eagle” platform detects and notifies all water performance including water quality. In the event of a catastrophic water risk, the Saya Life system automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent damage to the building and notifies the user of exactly where the risk is located. The data is transmitted using the Saya “Wizard” platform and is critical in delivering actionable data to insurance providers, utilities, and manufacturers. In addition to receiving grants from schools, utilities, and the California Energy Commission for their platform, Saya Life has also been a successful participant in the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator as well as Upward Labs here in Hartford.

Sanjay Poojary
“Saya Life’s vision is to be the only complete AI PropTech platform that provides clear financial value for property owners, tenants, insurance providers, utility companies, and fixture and appliance manufacturers in a single platform.”

Why Hartford?

Hartford is is a true hotspot for PropTech like Saya Life to scale up and grow. Upward Labs has done an excellent job bringing in pilot partners and corporate partners like Insurance companies in the region in front of startups and they are great partners to help startups scale.

Favorite Things About Hartford

All the beautiful scenery, historic buildings, and excellent food.

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