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Pineapple. Making insurance as easy as snapping a picture.

Get Involved With Us Through:

  • Insurance provider partnership
  • Distribution innovation and product development
  • Capital Funding
  • Talent and/or Interns

Meet the Founders

Matthew Elan Smith, Marnus van Heerden, Ndabenhle Junior Nglube, and Sizwe Ndlovu

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, each of Pineapple’s founders is an innovator by nature. Though their professional backgrounds span a mix of actuarial science, law, and software, Matthew, Marnus, Ndabendhle, and Sizwe came together under the shared belief that technology could make insurance more accessible to a crucial, yet forgotten customer segment—young adults.

About Pineapple

Reimaging Insurance for a Millennial Audience

Pineapple makes insurance appealing to a millennial audience by adhering to the fundamental principles they believe in, such as transparency, social good, and digital-first. With just the snap of a picture, Pineapple allows people to insure items and manage their entire insurance policy on the app, and it also rewards members for various behaviors and distributes all leftover profits back to members.

Pineapple’s long-term goal is to have a lasting systemic impact on the way insurance is experienced. The founders want all insurance products to be designed up to “Pineapple standards” to reignite a sense of community and transparency, as well as excitement, in the insurance-buying experience. From being a member of the Google Launc[H]pad Accelerator in 2018 to winning 1st place in VentureClash 2019, Pineapple is committed to growing in Hartford and beyond.

““We want all insurance products to be designed up to ‘Pineapple standards’ to reignite a sense of community, transparency, and excitement in the experience.””

Why Hartford

Pineapple’s team loves the density of insurance activity, as well as the supportive startup network, here in Hartford.

Favorite Thing About Hartford

The Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz


Product Demos


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