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Luminant Analytics. Helping insurers select, segment, and price risks better using external data analytics.

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Meet the Founders

Renu Ann Joseph

Renu is an Indian-American who spends her time between Basel, Switzerland, and Hartford, Connecticut. She has been trained as an economist and she has worked in academics and the insurance industry. Her extensive professional career uncovered a gaping hole between data analytics and the auto insurance business, and Luminant Analytics was started to help insurers make better decisions based on more effective analytic measures.

About Luminant Analytics

Delivering Actionable Analytics for Insurers

The Luminant Analytics SaaS platform offers an auto insurance solution that is comprehensive and forward-looking. Its unique value proposition is that it helps anticipate and price market changes, using market-wide data and external trends, to help improve profitability for auto insurers, specifically those in the commercial auto insurance space. In the US, auto and commercial auto insurance has been unprofitable for a decade because of price inadequacy and/or due to the current prices that carriers have set for their policies do not cover the losses that this segment generates. A large part of this has been due to reliance on internal or historical data for pricing, which offers a narrow and segmented view of the market. 

So far, Luminant Analytics made a lot of headway in socializing the Luminant brand as an analytical company that approaches insurance analytics with a fresh perspective, overhauling the more traditional mindset.

““Luminant’s vision is to be the benchmark for external market data analytics for auto insurers. When every auto insurer looks to and uses Luminant’s market data and loss projections to re-calibrate their internal pricing, that’s when Luminant knows it has achieved success.””

Why Hartford

Insurance-related human capital, strategic location to Europe, access to other major East Coast cities, and it’s an affordable place to live in and start a business.

Favorite Thing About Hartford

Hartford is a tight-knit community with a very supportive attitude.

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