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eGGHEAD AI. Helping companies manage their decision-making and data risks.

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Meet the Founders

Michael Davis

Michael Davis is the Founder and CEO of eGGHEAD AI and is originally from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. He is a global industry speaker and thought leader who has established data governance/quality programs and assisted organizations in using analytics to improve their businesses.


Enabling Companies to Get the Most Out of Their Data

eGGHEAD arose from an unrequited need to protect data and mitigate risk. As regulations around Personal Identifying Information tightened, program vendors were slow to keep up and the currently available solutions were dated and, at best, performed only very basic functions. In October of 2018, eGGHEAD was founded with the intent to create something that would solidly adhere to compliance laws and prevent data risks. More than that, eGGHEAD AI strives to continually develop a program that not only protects the information, but also uses that information to support strategic decisions and insights. eGGHEAD AI’s primary business value is finding and securing critical and personal customer data points within data lakes. eGGHEAD AI’s machine learning system helps our clients find and protect this information. Anyone can find obvious issues with data lakes, but it takes eGGHEAD AI’s machine learning software to find all the rest.

“Our vision is to be the company that enables organizations to get the most out of their data to make better-informed decisions and manage risks.”

Why Hartford

Mike is actually local to the Greater Hartford area. So, he did not choose Hartford, per se—but with that being said he truly believes Hartford is one of the best, if not the best, locations for startups right now. It has a very engaged and supportive InsurTech ecosystem that includes innovative startups, insurance carriers, and state and local governments.

Favorite Thing About Hartford

Hartford is small enough to establish deep mutual beneficial connections, but large enough to leverage those connections for opportunities.

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