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ClaimSpace. Innovating claims and dispute resolution operations.

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Meet the Founders

Aurora Voss, Alfonso Marquez, and Gilberto Spencer

Three lovers of insurance technology came together to found ClaimSpace. Originally from South Africa, Aurora Voss serves as Co-Founder and CEO and has partnered with Co-Founder and CTO Alfonso Marquez and Co-Founder and COO Gilberto Spencer, both from Mexico. The team is passionate about claims, using technology to improve the lives of customers, and enabling insurers to better understand and help their customers during their greatest times of need.

About ClaimSpace

Unlocking Transparent Collaboration Between the Insurance Industry and Its Stakeholders

ClaimSpace is a software ecosystem designed to streamline communications and settle claims quickly. They are helping financial service partners connect with customers and external stakeholders for better claims and dispute resolution operations. The ClaimSpace platform enables configurable and personalized digital experiences for the customer while delivering new data, insights, and efficiency for the enterprise. Making a claim is still one of the most outdated experiences for insurance customers. There is little digital access, and claim ‘tracking’ tends to be limited to “open/closed” status notifications. Our web-based platform helps insurers and their claims teams to make the process more accessible and transparent for staff, customers, and other stakeholders with a real-time claims map, two-way SMS (text), and email with the ability to communicate in your preferred language. During this unprecedented pandemic, ClaimSpace is enabling claim and customer service teams to work from home with no interruption to their operations or customer experience! ClaimSpace expanded its journey to the US market through its participation in the Hartford InsurTech Accelerator program and is currently involved in the Nassau Re/Imagine incubator.

““We have successfully taken part in some of the world’s leading insurance accelerators and are about to close our seed round of funding which will see us hire more great people to help us grow!””

Why Hartford

Hartford is the Hollywood of insurance!

Favorite Thing About Hartford

Hartford is filled with incredibly talented people who are working to evolve the insurance industry.

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