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Advanced Manufacturing

BEAD. Optimizing energy efficiencies with autonomous digital buildings.

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Meet the Founders

Soner Haci and Hay Erturk

The BEAD team has a solid foundation in building energy management, renewable energy, and smart grid spaces—and they are hardcore technologists at heart! Soner Haci serves as CEO and has been working at international energy companies for the last 12 years. In addition, the BEAD CTO is Hay Erturk, who has been developing machine learning and IoT technologies for the last 6 years and is currently working on completing his doctorate on Autonomous Control and Automation Technologies Department.

About BEAD

Understanding Human Behavior and Occupancy Patterns Through Autonomous Digital Buildings

BEAD is an AI-based system that analyzes, optimizes, and operates your building’s energy management, marketing strategies, and operations by measuring real-time occupancy data. BEAD creates digital models of your building by using real-time data in an effort to better understand human behavior and their travel patterns within the building. The BEAD AI system then autonomously adjusts energy consumption such as HVAC systems, lighting, temperature gauges, and humidity levels in real-time and without the need for human intervention. As of today, we have installed over 3600 BEAD sensors and systems in over 150 buildings in 5 different countries. Our customers achieved over 30% savings by optimizing energy consumption and operations. BEAD is globally recognized and the recent winner of several awards such as Best New Technology in Smart Buildings in Emirates UAE (2018), Best New Startup in PropTech in Spain (2018), Best AI Solution in Building Technologies in Germany (2018), Best Innovation in Sustainable Management in Germany (2019), and Best Prop-Tech in EuroAsia Summit (2019), just to name a few.

“We want to create a real positive impact on people’s lives by developing sustainable and innovative new technologies for saving energy and operating buildings more intelligently.”

Why Hartford

Hartford is known as a city that is focused on changing the way we live, work, and use technologies.

Favorite Thing About Hartford

The high-tech companies that have their HQ in Hartford are exciting. Plus Hartford is a strategic point between New York and Boston, which helps BEAD easily reach customers and investors.

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